Parkview Noble Foundation Newsletter - Volume 5 Issue 2 (August 2017)

  • When Generosity Makes Childhood Possible
    Thanks to donors, Matthew feels like a normal kid.

  • When Independence is Only a Ramp Away
    Generosity changed Rita's Life.

 2017 Noble County Foundation Newsletter Cover


Parkview LaGrange Foundation Newsletter - Volume 5 Issue 2 (August 2017)

  • When Generosity Carries Sweet Dreams
    Donations and a simple book are keeping newborns safe as they sleep.

  • Donors Enhance the Quality of Life in the Final Moments
    Liz and Virgil were able to spend their last few days together at home because of your gifts..

2017 LaGrange County Foundation Newsletter Cover


Parkview Huntington Foundation Newsletter - Volume 5 Issue 2 (August 2017)

  • When it Takes a Village
    Generous donors help siblings learn how to welcome a new baby into the family.

  • Generous Donors Provide Hope for a Full Life
    Thanks to donors, Patti's grandchildren will see her on the playground.

2017 Huntington County Foundation Newsletter Cover


Parkview Foundation Newsletter (Allen County and Affiliates) - Volume 5 Issue 2 (August 2017)

  • When Generosity Brings You Home 
    John was able to heal at home, but only because of your gifts.

  • Healing When the Minutes Count
    Your generosity saved time and Miranda's life.

2017 Allen County Foundation Newsletter Cover


Parkview Wabash Foundation Newsletter - Volume 2 Issue 2 (August 2017)

  • When Generosity Gives the Breath of Life
    Thanks to donors, Kyle recovered quickly with his wife by his side.

  • When Generosity Makes the Journey Worth It
    Generous donors make excellent care possible in every community.

 2017 Wabash County Foundation Newsletter Cover


Parkview Whitley Foundation Newsletter - Volume 5 Issue 2 (August 2017)

  • Generous Donors Helped Phil Return Home
    Phil was running out of options until donors came alongside him.

  • When Healing Comes from a Pair of Shoes
    Generosity helped William stay home to continue recovery.

 2017 Whitley County Foundation Newsletter Cover


Parkview Foundation Co-Worker Newsletter - Volume 5 Issue 1 (January 2017)

  • Working Together, Supporting Each Other
    EEAF provides important funds for co-workers in crisis.

  • Training and Certification Made Possible Through Donations
    Certified lymphedema therapy gives patients their lives back.

  • Donations Help Noah Breathe Easier
    Your gifts provide a safety net for patients.

  • Generosity and A Life Well-Led
    Donations give seniors hope and support.

  • Our Parkview =Family Helps One of Its Own
    Generosity came alongside Marcie when her family needed it most.

 2017 Parkview Foundation Co-Worker Newsletter Cover Image


Parkview Allen Foundation Newsletter - Volume 4 Issue 2 (August 2016)

  • Generosity Provides Cutting-Edge Treatment at Parkview
    ECMO provides more time for organs to heal

  • Generosity and the Fine Arts Provide Healing at Parkview
    Singing and dancing are more than entertainment for patients and family members

  • Parkview Foundation Donors Comfort Young Patients
    Pediatric distraction kits provide entertainment and distractions while in the hospital

  • Memory Boxes Comfort Grieving Families
    Memory boxes provide peace, comfort and healing



Parkview Huntington Foundation Newsletter - Volume 4 Issue 2 (August 2016)

  • The Comfort of Generosity
    New bassinets and sleeper couches help families enjoy their first moments together

  • Supporting the Present and Future Huntington County



Parkview LaGrange Foundation Newsletter - Volume 4 Issue 1 (August 2016)

  • Wii-Hab in the Life Bridge Program
    The Nintendo Wii used for therapy purposes and more

  • "Sleep Baby: Safe & Snug"
    Protect your little ones with safe sleeping habits



Parkview Noble Foundation Newsletter - Volume 4 Issue 1 (August 2016)

  • Generosity and Commitment Reinvent a Life
    Health and Wellness Center supports emotional and physical success for local residents

  • The Noble Needle Workers
    Volunteers provide hope through handmade gifts



Parkview Wabash Foundation Newsletter - Volume 4 Issue 1 (August 2016)

  • Giving Patients Peace of Mind at Parkview Wabash
    Crash carts in Parkview Wabash Hospital help clinical staff respond immediately

  • Wabash High School Volleyball Teams Help 'Kill' Cancer
    Local volleyball teams raise money for the Parkview Wabash Mammogram Charity Fund



Parkview Whitley Foundation Newsletter - Volume 4 Issue 1 (August 2016)

  • The Comfort of Generosity
    New infant warmers care for Whitley County's smallest patients

  • EMS Cots
    Donated EMS cots provide hope for both patients and paramedics



Parkview Allen Foundation Newsletter - Volume 1 Issue 1 (January 2016)

  • Cathy Harris: A Legacy Remembered Through Generosity 
    Donations to new scholarship benefit students enrolled in Parkview's flight and trauma program

  • Former Patient Brings Generosity Full Circle
    Former Parkview patient gave back to pediatric unit during holidays

  • How You Provide for a Family in Need
    Donors helped bring premature baby home

  • Generous Donors Like You Make a Difference
    Donations to Parkview Foundation assist young mother in recovery



Parkview Huntington Foundation Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 (January 2016)

  • Donors Add Inspiration and Motivation
    The Huntington Boys and Girls Club Brighten the Way to Parkview Huntington Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit

  • Your Generosity Directly Touches Lives
    Local Nurse Helps Provide Hope



Parkview Foundation Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 1

  • Generosity Flies with Samaritan
  • Donations Give the Gift of Breath to Trauma Patients
  • Donors Saved Adam with One Gift
  • A Mini Grant Made Tayla's Therapy Possible
  • Donors Support Health & Wellness in LaGrange County
  • Donor Spotlight: Parkview Whitley Foundation, James & Kay Fleck
  • New Pediatric Therapy Clinic Serves More
  • Families Receive Hope and Support
  • Donor Spotlight: Parkview Foundation, Mike & Angela GeRue
  • Generosity Helps Children Like Tripp More Than Words Can Say
  • Summer 2015 Events


Parkview Foundation Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 3

  • NICU Toys Help Little Patients Make Big Leaps
  • Donors Help Patient to Return Home
  • Health and Wellness Starts at Work
  • Parkview Foundation Scholarship Helps Local Nurse Finish Education
  • Charity Donates Technology for Pediatric Patients
  • Donor Spotlight: Parkview Noble Foundation, Susan Jansen
  • Toys Purchased with Donor Dollars Assist in Healing
  • Parkview Noble Health and Wellness Center Offers Options for Community
  • Donor Spotlight: Parkview Foundation Bronze Pillar, Dan Garman
  • Foundation Golfers Support Children and Their Families
  • 2014 Parkview Foundation Scholarship Recipients
  • We're Moving!


Parkview Foundation Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 2

  • IPFW Chooses Parkview for Big Event Donation
  • Improved Patient Experiences Made Possible Through Generosity
  • Mini Grant Ideas Keep Patients In Mind
  • Donors and Parkview EMS Partner to Make Homes Safer
  • John Jepsen Honors His Caregivers
  • Cookin' Men
  • Donor Spotlight : Lynn Hatfield, Parkview Foundation Bronze Pillar
  • George Made it Home Because of You
  • Donor Spotlight: Katie Boyd-Babbitt, Parkview Huntington Foundation
  • Your Donations to Special Touch Provide Important Nutrition
  • Parkview Co-Workers Provide Emergency Support


Parkview Foundation Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1

  • Art Heals Thanks to Generous Donors
  • Local Donors to Home Health and Hospice Provide Comfort for Whitley County Families
  • New Program Provides Behavioral Health Services for Patients
  • Generosity in the Meditation Garden Heals the Giver and the Receiver
  • Patient Saved By Carbon Monoxide Monitors
  • Culver's Day of Caring Continues
  • Donor Spotlight: Dr. Mark and Laura O'Shaughnessy
  • Parkview Connect Offers Insight Into the Lives Touched at Parkview
  • Donor-Funded Lifevest Saved Charlie's Life
  • Donor Spotlight: Parkview Noble Foundation Silver Pillars, Kara and Gerald Warrener
  • Golf Classic Dinner Tickets Support New Pediatric Program


Parkview Foundation Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3

  • Acacia Claus and Fraternity Brothers Bring Holiday Cheer
  • Huntington Generosity Will Bridge Medication Gap
  • Donations Offer a Special Touch
  • Homemaker's Gift Celebrates Life
  • Gifts to Hospice Support a Full Life
  • Donor Spotlight: Laura Lefever


Parkview Foundation Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2

  • Donor Gifts Make Research Facility a Reality 
  • Generosity Brings Walking Track To LaGrange 
  • Whitley County Residents Ensure Access To Vital Medication 
  • New Pediatric Rehab Facility Better Serves Children 
  • Family Donates To Honor Son 
  • Donor Spotlight: Steve Caley 


Parkview Foundation Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1

  • Family Honors Parkview Noble Guardian Angels
  • Parkview Whitley Nurses Supported by Retired Co-Worker
  • Infant and Children Simulation Training
  • Generosity is Hallmark of Parkview Huntington Hospital Guild
  • The Mini Grant Difference
  • Donor Spotlight: Jeannine Nix