Parkview Foundation Mini-Grants

2015 Mini-Grant Process
  • June 4 – Mini-Grant Applications Open*
  • June 17 – Mini-Grant Applications Closed, Midnight
  • June 22 - Mini-Grant Voting Begins**
  • June 28 - Mini-Grant Voting Closes, Midnight
  • June 29 - Mini-Grant Recipients Announced
*Only Allen County facilities are eligible for this cycle of mini-grants.

**Please note that all requests must be approved by your department leader to be eligible for the voting process.

Full summaries and corresponding submission number for each project can be found below the voting form.

Applications for this year's mini-grant cycle are no longer being accepted and the voting has closed. The top 20 mini-grant submissions based on total votes from co-workers are listed below.

2015 PRMC & Affiliates Mini-Grant Recipients

23. Skin Care for Cancer Patients
I would like to apply for a mini grant on behalf of my cancer patients. Good skin care is very important for a patient during their radiation treatments. The earlier in a treatment course that quality skin care products are used, the better the chance of preventing a severe reaction. Unfortunately, even over the counter medication can be expensive. Many of our patients delay getting the best lotions due to cost. If we can alleviate the irritation from the treatment, the patient will be less likely to stop treatments prematurely. I would like to be able to have over the counter lotions available for our needy patients.
Amount requested - "anything would be great"

13. Flat Screen TVs for Patient Rooms

I would like to get some more flat screen televisions for our patient's rooms [Randallia ECC].The patients and visitors like to be in rooms with television sets, so they are not so bored, but not all of our rooms have them. By your generosity last year, we were able to buy 4 televisions and have them installed. It would be great if we could purchase some more!
Amount requested - "Any amount will help"

3. ConKerr Cancer Pillowcases
Volunteers in the community make special, bright, cheerful pillowcases for the pediatric children at Parkview. The materials needed are fabric, thread, hypo-allergenic detergent and softener, and baggies to pack individually. All cases are made by volunteers for our special little people. Fabric is provided to volunteers to make the pillowcases. Please support this special program with your vote to help brighten a child's hospital room.
Amount requested - $2500

2. Randallia ICU Bladder Scanner
Our unit [Randallia ICU] has not had a bladder scanner, since I have worked here, (3 years, now). We are a critical care area and it really is astounding to me that we have to run all the way to one of the medical floors to borrow a bladder scanner. Our resources would be better utilized and patients would receive more excellent care, if we had close access to our very own bladder scanner. Thanks you for your consideration.

Amount requested - $2500

50. Fingertip Pulse Oximeters
The HHC Therapy Department's request is for a mini-grant to cover the costs of fingertip pulse oximeters for each of the therapists to use in daily patient care. Therapists in Home Health and Hospice treat patients with complex medical conditions, often with complicating cardiopulmonary conditions. We strive to provide the best care to each of our patients in order to improve their safety, their level of function, and their quality of life. Skilled therapy intervention in home health is also key to supporting Parkview's goals of decreasing readmissions, as we help the patients gain the skills and knowledge needed to self-manage more effectively in the home. It is important for the therapists to have an accurate assessment of each client's tolerance of activity in order to appropriately progress and modify the plan of care. Knowing the patient's oxygen saturation level is a key component to that. Monitoring pulse oximetry at rest and with activity is also a very useful patient education tool to teach patients how to self-monitor and self-pace their activity in order to avoid over-exertion and possible exacerbation of their condition. As therapists, we already monitor respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure when indicated. A pulse oximeter for each therapist will allow clinicians to monitor the final piece to that picture-- the oxygen saturation level, which will help to guide the appropriate progression of their plan of care. Having the tools to give us the information we need to make the most appropriate clinical decision is key to good outcomes.
Amount requested - $640.72

10. Buzzy Tool for the Child Life Department
The Child Life department works with patients and families to minimize the stress and discomfort often associated with the medical environment. One of the ways we work to reduce pain in the pediatric population is to use Buzzy, a highly effective, kid-friendly tool that uses vibration to mitigate the pain signal. Buzzy is most effective for procedures such as lab draws, IV starts, and injections. We would love to create and provide kits that contain Buzzy, stress balls, I Spy cards, and an instruction card that can be used by staff in departments such as Radiology, Surgery, and Outpatient Lab. The Child Life Specialists would also take these kits to other Parkview hospitals to provide staff education on how to use Buzzy and the other items in the kit to reduce stress and anxiety for the pediatric population.
Amount requested - $2500

11. Flavor RX Program
A grant will help provide Parkview pharmacy with the ability to purchase the Flavor RX program and align with the leading pharmacies in town that also have this program available. The Flavor Rx program would provide pharmacy with 10 flavoring bottles and an online database of recipes. It would allow pharmacy the ability to flavor medication liquids and improve medication compliance in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. This program will help Parkview in providing our patients with the utmost excellent care.
Amount requested $500

7. Partial Hospitalization Program at PBH
Starting a new program called Partial Hospitalization at PBH. This program will be a 5 day a week, 5 hour a day psychotherapy/psycho-education intensive program. Patients will be working to rebuild their lives, working through mental health issues and developing coping skills. Education is a big part of improving ones well-being. This grant will be used to buy a TV, Blu-ray player, portable TV stand and Pycho dynamic educational videos. The videos will be an adjunct to the intensive treatment they will receive while in the program. The videos are tools we incorporate to teach and reinforce change. This equipment can also be used or shared with already existing Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) too
Amount requested - $2176

28. Cheerful Pillowcases for Peds Patients
Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care Through the generosity of the Foundation, we have been able to start providing behavioral health services within primary care offices in our communities. As we continue to develop this service for our patients, it is essential that we are providing evidenced based practices and protocols in this setting. As a result, resources and supplies are needed to be able to continue to develop and implement clinical evidenced based practices to provide excellent care to our patients. These funds are being requested to purchases these resources to continue to develop and implement evidenced based protocols, treatment and guidelines.
Amount requested - $2500

35. iPad Minis for Dietary
Parkview Health System serves a diverse population within Northeast Indiana. Ethnic groups in this region often include Burmese, Hispanic,or Chinese. These populations have their own unique languages causing a language barrier between Parkview employees and customers. The Nutritional Services Department strives to provide excellent service to all its customers however, this cannot be accomplished without being able to effectively communicate with individuals that speak a language other than English. The Nutritional Services department currently has modifications to the menu for various languages (e.g. Burmese menu). These menus help patients of different ethnic backgrounds to identify the various, but limited, meal options available to them. If a non-English speaking patient or family member does place a call to the Call Center, there is not a translator available to assist neither the Call Center coworker nor the customer. Nutrition Services is requesting the use of two iPad Minis to assist in the translation and service of this diverse population. The iPad Minis would be used by the Food and Nutrition Care Representative as a tool to assist in the ordering of patient meals. The Food and Nutrition Care Representative can display pictures of the various food items offered by the kitchen as well as utilize free translating tools (e.g. iTranslate) to communicate with patients and their dietary needs. Other translating devices only provide the translation of words and cannot show pictures of various food items. Parkview serves a large population of Burmese patients which is an uncommon language for many other translation devices. Applications such as iTranslate on the iPad Minis can translate over 90 different languages including Burmese. The addition of two iPad Minis to the Nutritional Services Department to provide patients with pictures as well as words in their native language would be a vital key in increasing customer service and satisfaction
Amount requested - $1496.00

39. Backpacks for Kangaroo Pumps
Parkview Home Infusion would like to purchase child & adolescent friendly backpacks for our kangaroo pumps. We supply many children and adolescents with feeding pumps. They are given the standard, plain black backpack. Yes, they are as boring as they sound ! It was recently brought to our attention that a child was refusing to carry around her backpack (with the pump and nutrition enclosed). The patient's mother "jazzed up" the plain black backpack with things the child liked. She is now wearing the backpack again. These children and teenagers carry around their pump and food every day with them. Having a medical condition like this is hard enough for kids to deal with. Giving them something colorful, fun, and engaging to carry around might just help ease that worry about being different from others a little bit. We hope to supply these children and teenagers with age appropriate backpacks.
Amount requested - $2500

24. Cancer Boutique Items
To be able to purchase, wigs, hats, scarves for our cancer boutique to provide to our patients who experience hair loss from treatment. This provides assistance to our patients who may not be able to afford head coverings and wigs when needed.
Amount Requested - $2500

8. Women's Heart Program
We are seeking supporting funds for our Women's Heart Program to assist in the functions of the Support Network. Through our National Hospital Alliance with WomenHeart we have been able to send to former female patients to be trained as WomenHeart Champions to run our newly formed support group for women with heart disease. We are planning to send 2 additional women to be trained in this capacity at the Science & Leadership Series held at Mayo Clinic again this fall to further strengthen our Support Network. The funds from this grant would help cover travel expenses for this, provide refreshments at the support group meetings, and buy a supply of yarn and pay for shipping for the HeartScarves program.
Amount requested - $2500

46. Presents in a Box and Springtime Baskets
HELPING BRING SMILES TO PEDIATRIC PATIENTS PRESENTS IN A BOX AND SPRING TIME BASKETS For the past five years, SW/CM dpt has been donating and distributing "Presents in a box" and "Spring Time Baskets" every winter and spring to the pediatric, pediatric icu and nicu babies and families. Alongside Kris Scherer (Social Worker), new volunteers every year assist in distributing these boxes and baskets. Volunteers have ranged from interns, family members, SW/CM family members, employees, and even some local Children Services employees. REQUEST: Approximately $150.00 to $300.00 would assist with the following: *purchase of gifts to put in the boxes and basket (i.e. games, diapers, pacifiers, blankets, essential needs for babies, etc.). *Although every year we rely on donations, we tend to fall short to provide assistance with the babies and teenage population; therefore, this financial assistance would help purchase further gifts the family actually can use upon discharge from the hospital (i.e.pencils, notebook paper, etc.). *Purchase baskets and paper to put inside the baskets. *Folders to place resources and information to provide to the parents of pediatric patients whom are admitted. *New Santa and Bunny Outfits are also needed. There are approximately 29 nicu patients, 13-16 pediatric patients, 6 picu patients and their siblings. The distribution occurs twice a year, once in December and once in March. The smiles and appreciation of the families when they receive the Presents in a Box and Spring Time Baskets are everlasting. Thank you for your consideration for our (SW/CM dpt) request to assist our PRMC pediatric patients!! Kris Scherer, M.S., FSW Social Worker Specialist II
Amount requested - $150-$300

38. Respite Baskets
The Holistic Nursing Program would like to provide Respite Baskets across the system. These baskets will be full of self-care items for nurses and are meant to be a jump start those areas that do not have an active respite room. They can be placed in pre-existing respite rooms to encourage use of that area or in a staff lounge if a respite room is not available. Items that could be included in the basket include massage tools, aromatherapy, art supplies, teas, relaxing music and inspirational reading materials.
Amount requested - $2000

1. Therapeutic Environment for MICU
MICU is requesting a grant to enhance a more therapeutic environment for our families by adding benches along the south facing windows in the unit. We would also like to improve our respite room by adding paintings and a massage chair for the staff and to make a comfortable room for our nursing mothers.
Amount requested - $2000

12. Trauma Simulation Kit
The trauma simulation kit includes moulage kits to simulate realistic injuries on human models and high-fidelity manikins, as well as a a monitor bag for our current iSimulate system. The iSimulate system uses iPads to simulate monitoring equipment used in the various clinical settings, in and out of the hospital. The monitor bag holds the iPad monitor, making it appear like a real patient monitor for added realism. The moulage kit includes multiple items such as makeup and molded simulated injuries to create a realistic simulation experience. This kit will be used in the simulation labs at Mirro Center and Carew Medical Park , as well as in all Parkview emergency departments, specialized trauma units and with the prehospital trauma care providers.
Amount requested - $1952.99

49.  Nurse's Respite Room

Create a respite room that is inviting and soothing for staff to regroup and refocus on a holistic nursing approach. Repaint the room to a soothing calming color as well as purchases functional furniture, add light therapy,as well as music to help calm and refocus staff.
Amount requested - $1500

34. Stryker XPS Cot System
The Samaritan MICU crew is requesting a grant for the Stryker XPS cot system. The XPS provides an expanded patient surface area that can be retrofitted with existing cots used by Samaritan MICU crew. XPS is adjustable with seven locking positions on the rails, and includes a wider mattress to reduce transfer gaps and is designed with patient comfort in mind. This solution helps address growing obesity trends and supports a variety of patients and environments. Making both the transfer and transport of our patients safer and more comfortable. Thank you for your consideration.
Amount requested - $2500

29. Family Birthing Center Flash Drives
Unfortunately, not every baby story has a happy ending and occasionally a baby dies. The Family Birthing Center offers many memory making options for these parents, including a camera for taking pictures. We would like to purchase 100 flash drives to be able to send the photographs of their baby home with the parents immediately, rather than waiting for access to a computer that can burn a compact disc.
Amount requested - $400