2017 Parkview Foundations Generosity Report

  • Acacia Claus is Coming to Town
  • NICU Patients Surprised by Birthday Kindness
  • Off Tobacco Road
  • Wound Care Close to Home
  • Treating Food as Medicine
  • Training for the Unknown
  • The AlterG Freedom
  • Extension Homemakers Donate Nursing Covers
  • You Helped Barb Get Back on Her Feet
  • “Parkview Family” Takes on a New Meaning
  • Period of PURPLE Crying
  • A Quicker Recovery
  • Generosity by the Numbers

 2017 Generosity Report Cover

2016 Parkview Foundations Generosity Report

  • Generosity by the Numbers
  • When Generosity Brings You Home
  • Healing When the Minutes Count
  • Generous Donors Provide Hope For A Full Life
  • When It Takes A Village
  • Donors Enhance the Quality of Life In The Final Moments
  • When Generosity Carries Sweet Dreams
  • When Generosity Makes Childhood Possible
  • When Independence Is Only A Ramp Away
  • When Generosity Gives the Breath of Life
  • When Generosity Makes the Journey Worth It
  • Generous Donors Helped Phil Return Home
  • When Healing Comes From A Pair of Shoes

 2016 Generosity Cover

2015 Parkview Foundations Generosity Report

  • Generosity by the numbers
  • Generosity provides cutting-edge treatment at Parkview
  • Supporting the present and future health of Huntington County
  • Wii-Hab in the Life Bridge program
  • The Noble Needle Workers
  • Wabash High School volleyball teams help "kill" cancer
  • The Comfort of Generosity

2015 Generosity Report cover


2014 Parkview Foundations Generosity Report

  • Donations Give the Gift of Breath to Trauma Patients
  • Meet Jac and Madonna Price
  • Meet Kay and James Fleck
  • Donors Support Health & Wellness in LaGrange County
  • A Mini Grant Made Tayla's Therapy Possible
  • Support the Patients and Families at Parkview Huntington
  • Your Generosity Provides Healing Resources at Parkview Noble
  • Donations Support Residents in the LaGrange Community
  • Opportunities to Enhance Patient Care in the Whitley Community
 2014 Generosity Communities Cover