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Employee Generosity Campaign

Employee Giving Campaign logo2018 Employee Generosity PTO Campaign

Generosity touches every patient, family and co-worker at Parkview. It can be found in our hospitals,physicians’ offices, and clinics throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. Every Parkview patient and co-worker is touched in some way by generosity – and for this to continue we need your help. 

The Parkview Foundations are doing a "mini campaign" from August 12 - 25 to specifically benefit each foundation's Employee Emergency Assistance Fund. We are asking you, our Parkview family and co-workers, to donate PTO hours to help your fellow co-workers when they need it the most. 

You are always welcome to make a donation to any Parkview Foundation of your choice, and you may choose to make a one-time gift by credit card. However, for this mini-campaign, we wanted to be able to give you the ability to donate your excess PTO, especially if it looks like you might lose hours in October. You PTO will be converted to dollars and, as always, 100% of the dollars you give will be used in the community you choose.

Thank you to all of our friends and colleagues who donated 1,370 PTO hours to help their fellow co-workers in their time of need!