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  • Heading into surgery with smiles

    By Parkview Health Apr 20, 2018
    It all started when Kristen Miller, RN, BSN, perioperative manager, Parkview Regional Medical North Surgery, decided to do a little light reading. “I saw an article in one of the OR magazines about another facility that had a ‘Drive Yourself to Surgery’ program,” Kristen said. Turns out, she wasn’t the only one who landed on the piece. Marceline Rogers, VP, Surgical Services, saw it as well. “She loved it, too, and mentioned we should ask the Parkview Foundation for a grant to bring the program to our system.” The Foundation agreed, and the search ...
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  • Black Bottom Cheesecakes and Cookin' Men!

    By Parkview Health Mar 22, 2018
    Have you ever walked into a restaurant and had 117 men ready to serve you gourmet food and drinks? We didn’t think so. When you attend Parkview Foundation’s Cookin’ Men on Saturday, April 21, that is exactly what happens. With dozens of desserts, appetizers, entrées and more prepared by local chefs, the options are endless. Cookin’ Men will celebrate its 15th year – a milestone! All due to the generous support of our gracious sponsors, chefs, attendees and our fantastic volunteers. Parkview Foundation’s Cookin’ Men event presented by Fif...
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  • Local girl with the golden voice: A Q&A with Kristine and Addison Agen

    By Parkview Health Dec 04, 2017
    (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC) If you’ve been following this season of The Voice, you’re likely familiar with our hometown standout, Addison Agen. The 16-year-old performer is leading a whole new generation to timeless, iconic artists like Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt, while delivering a fresh sound to those familiar with the lyrics. Her storyteller soul and angelic acoustics have the entire city (and beyond) coming down with a case of Addison Agen fever. But it isn’t just her stage presence captivating a crowd of followers. It’s her highly relatable, humble d...
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  • "Energy"

    By Parkview Health Dec 02, 2017
    This post was written by Kathy Curtis, healing artist, Fort Wayne Dance Collective. The Healing Arts program is made possible in part by generosity through the Parkview Foundations and integrates literary, movement, music visual arts into patient care. Read more about Kathy’s word art initiative here. She was sitting by herself in the lounge, feet up on a chair, earbuds in her ears, fingers swiping across her cell phone. She looked up and smiled when I entered, and instantly offered the word, “energy!” when I asked if there was anything she mi...
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  • Seeing your gift soar

    By Parkview Health Nov 28, 2017
    When you make a donation or perform an act of kindness, the results aren't always as obvious as seeing joy and excitement light up the faces of your family members as they open their Christmas gifts, but #GivingTuesday is a reminder that, whether you realize it or not, you're making a difference through your donations and generosity. This difference can be seen at Parkview every day. Has the sound of a propeller on a silent day made you turn and look to the sky, only to see the Samaritan helicopter out on a call? The Samaritan would not be able to save lives if it weren't for yo...
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  • Hospice: Supporting families to ease uncertainty

    By Parkview Health Nov 14, 2017
    November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month and the 20th annual Parkview Festival of Trees, benefiting Parkview LaGrange and Noble Hospice. While tickets for the evening gala, which will be held this Saturday at the Kendallville Event Center, are sold out, the Open House (10 a.m. – noon) is a great time to come and take in the beautiful entries. For a greater understanding of the work these compassionate caregivers do every day, we have more on hospice, from three perspectives. The gift of hospice. “We are here to give each family the gift of more quality time...
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  • Bereavement services for infant loss

    By Parkview Health Oct 19, 2017
    October is SIDS, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. While we know nothing can truly mend a heart in a time of such grief, Parkview does offer several services to provide some comfort. Here, we explore a few of those. CHAPLAINCY. Patrick Riecke, director, Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services, offers a closer look at the services Chaplaincy provides to parents in this time of need, including support groups. Each time a mom experiences miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death, a chaplain responds and provides a packet of grief resources and information about her rights at that time. We c...
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  • “Goodbye”

    By Parkview Health Oct 11, 2017
    This post was written by Kathy Curtis, healing artist, Fort Wayne Dance Collective. The Healing Arts program is made possible in part by generosity through the Parkview Foundations and integrates literary, movement, music visual arts into patient care. Read more about Kathy’s word art initiative here. He hovered around her, fluffing her pillows and clearing away her uneaten breakfast. He cheerfully reported all that he had accomplished so early in the day, and wondered what else he could do for her before taking off again into his busyness. And she lay there smiling, and dying. All t...
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  • Happy 20th Anniversary Community Nursing!

    By Parkview Health Sep 11, 2017
    In early 1997, the board and leadership of Parkview Health became involved in a discussion about how to more effectively and efficiently meet the increasingly diverse health needs of our community in an effort to improve the overall health of the population. This discussion lead to the development and implementation of our Integrated Community Nursing Program* as a way to more directly address community health issues, provide outreach, and serve those populations within our community that are otherwise underserved by the traditional healthcare system. The first challenge addressed by the In...
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  • “Content”

    By Parkview Health Sep 06, 2017
    This post was written by Kathy Curtis, healing artist, Fort Wayne Dance Collective. The Healing Arts program is made possible in part by generosity through the Parkview Foundations and integrates literary, movement, music visual arts into patient care. Read more about Kathy’s word art initiative here. This lovely 87-year-old patient was born in Paris. She became an orphan when both of her parents died during the French Resistance. She married an American and came to the United States, where she has lived for more than 60 years. At the age of 70, she decided to become an attorney. Why?...
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  • How one powerful word can heal

    By Parkview Health Aug 11, 2017
    “This is the face of a man who found out when he was down that the people he thought he could trust, he couldn’t. This is also the face of a man who was willing to name the thing he needed most, and then be openly moved when I gave it to him. I call that a healing moment.” The image and caption above is just the latest example of the phenomenal service Kathy Curtis, Healing Artist, Fort Wayne Dance Collective, provides to Parkview patients on a regular basis. Through her innovative approach to both mending emotional wounds and shining a spotlight on life&rsquo...
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  • Diamond Engagement Day with Tracie Martin

    By Parkview Health Apr 11, 2017
    Tracie Martin’s daily activities typically revolve around serving. Between her career and her many hours volunteering, she works with a variety of individuals — from veterans battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, to children who have lost a loved one. Putting others first comes naturally to Tracie, both at home with her family and while she’s out serving our community. Tracie keeps a busy schedule as the Community Counts Account Executive at WANE-TV. She also serves on six different boards, including Erin’s House for Grieving Children, an organization that Tracie ...
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  • A taste of what’s cookin’ at Cookin’ Men

    By Parkview Health Apr 03, 2017
    What happens when over 100 local men decide to try their hand at whipping up gourmet eats and drinks for a crowd and a great cause? Cookin’ Men is what happens! Each year, volunteer chefs and attendees, along with annual sponsors, raise money at this Parkview Foundation fundraiser to support the health of women in northeast Indiana. Hours upon hours are spent testing recipes to find the perfect one and create sample size portions for over 1,000 guests to enjoy throughout the evening. With 13 years of Cookin’ Men in the books, several chefs are honored each year as they reach the...
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  • Diamond Engagement day with Joe Jordan

    By Parkview Health Mar 13, 2017
    Joe Jordan’s career makes him no stranger to active community and nonprofit work. He dedicates his time to encouraging and motivating our community’s youth. As the President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne, Joe is devoted to helping children prepare for the future through career and leadership programs, as well as developing health and life skills. Joe is usually commanding the room at a Boys & Girls Club, but on August 24, 2016 he gave up control to follow along as a Parkview Diamond Engagement participant. He took part in a 10-hour day observing the cha...
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  • Diamond Engagement day with Susan Trent

    By Parkview Health Feb 19, 2017
    Susan Trent’s average day is hectic and challenging, and her routine responsibilities often affect the lives of those who count on her skills and services. She is a lawyer for the Fort Wayne law firm Rothberg Logan and Warsco. On August 24, 2016 Susan joined us as a Parkview Diamond Engagement participant and experienced many of those all-too-familiar challenges and responsibilities. But this time, she was seeing them through the lens of another profession, as she shadowed Parkview physicians and specialists on a typical 10-hour day. In an effort to engage select community leaders by...
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