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  • How one powerful word can heal

    By Parkview Health Aug 11, 2017
    “This is the face of a man who found out when he was down that the people he thought he could trust, he couldn’t. This is also the face of a man who was willing to name the thing he needed most, and then be openly moved when I gave it to him. I call that a healing moment.” The image and caption above is just the latest example of the phenomenal service Kathy Curtis, Healing Artist, Fort Wayne Dance Collective, provides to Parkview patients on a regular basis. Through her innovative approach to both mending emotional wounds and shining a spotlight on life&rsquo...
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  • Diamond Engagement Day with Tracie Martin

    By Parkview Health Apr 11, 2017
    Tracie Martin’s daily activities typically revolve around serving. Between her career and her many hours volunteering, she works with a variety of individuals — from veterans battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, to children who have lost a loved one. Putting others first comes naturally to Tracie, both at home with her family and while she’s out serving our community. Tracie keeps a busy schedule as the Community Counts Account Executive at WANE-TV. She also serves on six different boards, including Erin’s House for Grieving Children, an organization that Tracie ...
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  • A taste of what’s cookin’ at Cookin’ Men

    By Parkview Health Apr 03, 2017
    What happens when over 100 local men decide to try their hand at whipping up gourmet eats and drinks for a crowd and a great cause? Cookin’ Men is what happens! Each year, volunteer chefs and attendees, along with annual sponsors, raise money at this Parkview Foundation fundraiser to support the health of women in northeast Indiana. Hours upon hours are spent testing recipes to find the perfect one and create sample size portions for over 1,000 guests to enjoy throughout the evening. With 13 years of Cookin’ Men in the books, several chefs are honored each year as they reach the...
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  • Diamond Engagement day with Joe Jordan

    By Parkview Health Mar 13, 2017
    Joe Jordan’s career makes him no stranger to active community and nonprofit work. He dedicates his time to encouraging and motivating our community’s youth. As the President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne, Joe is devoted to helping children prepare for the future through career and leadership programs, as well as developing health and life skills. Joe is usually commanding the room at a Boys & Girls Club, but on August 24, 2016 he gave up control to follow along as a Parkview Diamond Engagement participant. He took part in a 10-hour day observing the cha...
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  • Diamond Engagement day with Susan Trent

    By Parkview Health Feb 19, 2017
    Susan Trent’s average day is hectic and challenging, and her routine responsibilities often affect the lives of those who count on her skills and services. She is a lawyer for the Fort Wayne law firm Rothberg Logan and Warsco. On August 24, 2016 Susan joined us as a Parkview Diamond Engagement participant and experienced many of those all-too-familiar challenges and responsibilities. But this time, she was seeing them through the lens of another profession, as she shadowed Parkview physicians and specialists on a typical 10-hour day. In an effort to engage select community leaders by...
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  • Making a list, checking it twice

    By Parkview Health Dec 14, 2016
    For many of us, part of the fun of the holidays as a child was making a list of the toys we wanted Santa to bring. We’d excitedly thumb through catalogs and store ads, carefully curating our picks. Then, on Christmas morning, we’d race down the stairs to see the tree lined with beautifully wrapped gifts, hoping they were exactly what we’d wanted. And most times it would be, and we’d immediately start playing with our new treasures. It was the best morning of the year. Now, envision being a child who has to spend their holidays in the hospital. No stairs to run down. ...
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  • Healing Arts and the Power of Peace

    By Parkview Health Nov 30, 2016
    Parkview Healing Arts, in collaboration with Fort Wayne Dance Collective, brings professional Artists in Residence to the bedside in many of our departments with literary, movement, music and visual arts. Through the generosity of community donors to the Parkview Foundation, we are able to bring the Parkview Healing Arts program to patients, families and our caregivers at Parkview Regional Medical Center and Parkview Hospital Randallia. Fernando Tarango, an independent musician and singer with the Healing Arts program for the past two years, has seen firsthand the power of music. “It&...
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  • Bringing back the spirit

    By Parkview Health Nov 29, 2016
    It can be easy to lose the holiday spirit in the deals found during shopping holidays. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are about braving crowds and filling online carts. Five years ago, two organizations in New York City wondered if they could bring that spirit back. Their idea created a one-day annual movement and celebration falling on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving: #GivingTuesday. #GivingTuesday has one goal: to keep unity and community at the center of the holiday season through generosity. Last year, #GivingTuesday saw the biggest participation increase yet with over $116 million in gen...
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  • The history of Parkview

    By Parkview Health Nov 21, 2016
    Tell me a story. Stories have always been a lifeline to the essence of who we are. Dating back to the earliest days of mankind, stories have been recorded and shared. So, when Parkview employees uncovered a treasure trove of historical images and documents, there was only one thing to do: record Parkview’s story. These videos will take you back to 19th century boardrooms where decisions were made that would change healthcare in northeast Indiana forever. And, these decisions would not be the last of their kind. Each decade brought new decisions for our community in the face of a chan...
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  • Finding grace in goodbye

    By Parkview Health Nov 19, 2016
    Today marks the 19th annual Festival of Trees coordinated by the Parkview LaGrange and Parkview Noble Foundations. All proceeds from this beautiful event benefit Parkview Hospice, LaGrange and Noble County branches. But what does Hospice do exactly? Parkview Home Health and Hospice provides wrap-around services for patients who are terminally ill and have decided to allow their illness to take its course. The focus of hospice treatment is on managing the patient’s symptoms and providing emotional support to the patient and their family and caregivers. The goal is to make it possible f...
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  • Changing the patient experience through Healing Arts

    By Parkview Health Jul 31, 2016
    At Parkview, we recognize the emotional stress that comes with treating a physical ailment. We created the Parkview Healing Arts program, in collaboration with Fort Wayne Dance Collective, to incorporate literary, movement, music and visual arts into the patient experience to reduce some of this mental discomfort. “You’re giving the patient an opportunity to create something in a clinical setting,” Diane Gaby, artist with the Parkview Healing Arts, said. Diane worked with Cheryl, the patient featured in the video, to ease her time receiving cancer treatments. “If you...
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  • The National Women’s Health Week and Cookin’ Men connection

    By Parkview Health May 09, 2016
    When it comes to keeping up with our personal health, sometimes it’s easy for our hair appointments and PTO obligations to take priority over our annual checkups and hours of sleep. In celebration of Women’s Health Week, we want to remind you that you are important. We know how good you feel after a fresh haircut or a great run. We also know how good you feel when you check off your annual mammogram each year and know that you are doing your part in taking care of yourself, your whole self. No matter what phase of life you find yourself in, Parkview has resources available to he...
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  • Want an exclusive taste of what's cookin'?

    By Parkview Health Apr 11, 2016
    As passions go, food is possibly one of the most universally cherished. Whether we’re preparing, creating or devouring, there’s just something so satisfying about a great dish. Combine your affinity for tasty fare with a wonderful cause when you purchase your tickets to the 13th annual Parkview Foundation’s Cookin’ Men event, presented by Fifth Third Bank, on Saturday, April 30. Your ticket gets you access to 100 gourmet treats and drinks and a fun evening out for a good cause—women’s health! Proceeds benefit Parkview’s Breast Cancer Registry, which...
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  • What do you give a Guardian Angel?

    By Parkview Health Mar 23, 2016
    Encountering an extraordinary physician or caregiver can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. It’s truly life changing for those in need of medical support. But how do we thank those who heal our bodies, as well as our hearts and minds? Doctor’s Day is your opportunity to express your gratitude for the skill, professionalism, comfort and compassion that left a lasting impression. Every year, on March 30, we set aside time to reflect, acknowledge and thank those physicians who exceed our expectations by caring for us, our loved ones and our community. There are ma...
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  • A practice to begin your day with purpose

    By Parkview Health Mar 18, 2016
    As part of the Parkview Healing Arts program, mindfulness artists coach patients on meditation and other such strategies for coping with stress and anxiety as they relate to their condition and circumstances. This wonderful program is made possible by donations to The Parkview Foundation. We invited mindfulness artist Steve Vachon to share his personal testimonial on mindfulness and his unique approach to greeting each day. He also offers suggestions for enhancing the way you begin and end your own daily routine, and strategies for cultivating self-awareness and openness. “Today I awake...
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